Glendo, Wyoming

This place pushes you in the way that only desert terrain can. Every time I visit Glendo I come back a better rider. A braver one, too.

You’ve never heard of this should-be-bike-mecca because it’s in Wyoming.

While Wyoming might not register on your radar, it really should. Glendo has over 40 miles of hand-tooled singletrack. I want to buy the trail designers a beer—it seems like every single armored corner and rock drop and climb was carefully thought out. The singletrack goes right through the best camping spots (which, by the way, overlook the lake). A little mini pump track is in the heart of Two Moon Campground.

The best part about riding in Wyoming? No one is there. I’m serious, no one. At least not on the trails. You might have to fight boaters for the best camping spots during the busy season, but you won’t see more than a few other riders during your stay, especially if you visit during spring or fall (which is the best time to bike in the desert, anyway!).


During the off season, Two Moons Campground is the place to stay. You’ll be able to find a campsite that sits hundreds of feet on a rocky cliffside above the lake. The best part? the singletrack is just twenty feet from your campsite. This campground has plenty of tree cover (for those of you who like to hammock), restrooms and water access, and a pump track and obstacle park for kids, all within the camping area. The views of the reservoir from Two Moons is unbeatable. This is our go-to place to camp.


Another great campground is Sandy Beach. While it takes a little longer to get to, it gives you lakeside access. It is also the location of a trailhead.

If you’re like me, during the busy season you just want to find a campsite far enough from the crowds that you can get some good sleep (or stay up too late) and let your pups run free. While it’s not the most scenic spot to stay, Colter Bay is basically empty year-round. The single track is just a five minute ride away.

Here is a PDF of all the campsites at Glendo State Park.


Easier Flow Trail:

Two Moons - Right outside the ‘door’ of your tent, some of the most flowy trails in Glendo await some early morning shred. The two mile loop in Two Moons is a great way to warm up, to run your dogs, or just to get a good view of the Reservoir. I highly recommend riding this loop both clockwise and counter clockwise.

Buffalo Run - For an easy five mile loop, start at Two Moons campground. Take Reflector to Buffalo Run to Two Moon Loop. Enjoy the view while you get your legs under you!

Porcupine - A great beginner ride out of Two Moons is to head out on Reflector Loop or Buffalo Run and rip down 91 Gigawatt (an easier alternative to Root Canal). From there, take Glendo Park Road to Prickly Pear to Turkey Spur to Porcupine. You can safely link up Turkey Spur and Porcupine via ultra-fun Rattlesnake Rim, but make sure not to take a wrong turn and head down Rattlesnake Rim—it’s black trail (difficult).

Awesome Advanced Loops:

Feather Rim - From Two Moons head down Root Canal. Heads up! There’s a 20-foot slabby no-fuck-ups section. From there take a left on Rocky River. From there you can either climb up Barrel Roll to Thunder, or up Thunder to access Feather Rim. Both are super challenging climbs—hats off to you if you can clear them! Feather Rim is a measly four miles, but I promise you’ll be cooked by the end. It rolls the best north to south, but can be ridden either way. Have fun! Take a left on Rattlesnake Rim. It’s labeled black, but the majority of the trail is flowy and exposed. The final descent is gnarly and rocky. From there, climb up 91 Gigawatt to get back to camp.

Toadstool - From Sandy Beach head south on Narrows Bluff trail. You’ll get in some scenic views and fun flow trail. At the end of the trail you have four fun options: 1. head around Twenty 15 and catch the sunset at Sunset point. 2. Drop down Barrel Roll (make sure to roll the barrel!) and hit up Rocky River. 3. Take Sidehill to Thunder and take in the amazing Feather Rim. 4. make it a shorter loop and get spooked on the staircase on Toadstool. There are no bad options here!

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