Moab, Utah

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: riding in Moab is a right of passage for any mountain biker. And rightly so, it’s perhaps THE premiere destination in the States for a shred filled get-away.

This does not make it the right shred-venture for all mountain bikers. The riding in Moab can tend toward the drop-mandatory side of the spectrum. And while there’s no shame in hiking a bike, the trails in Moab have the soul-crushing power to tempt you out of the saddle and onto your feet more than you might like.

But, if you read all that and got excited, or even if you got a little bit angsty, I encourage you to build up the confidence and go put on your try-hard face.

Trails Not to Miss:

Navajo Rocks is a really great place to get your feet wet with Utah terrain. Yes, there’s mesas, slick rocks and ledges, but it’s primarily blue trail.


Obviously, you’re going to Moab to ride the Whole Enchilada. I recommend you indulging this innate desire by just watching the weather for the first drowsing of snow in Moab come Winter/Fall (usually late October—mid-November) and booking it to the desert for the tackiest & best riding of the year. Double Down cycling offers great shuttle pricing, and your best option is to catch the 8 am shuttle where you might stand a chance at seeing little trail traffic.

The Mag 7 trail system is pretty awesome around sunset time, as it is high up into the mesas and you can ride with maximum sunlight. I highly recommend turning Bull Run into a shuttle ride and leaving a car parked at the corner of US 191 & UT 313 at the pay to park lot ($5) and driving your car up to the trailhead for a 15 mile shuttle of wonderful, technical downhill & a punchy dirt road climb for the finish. The sunset timing is key for this shuttle, as you will enjoy the dirt road finish back to the car with some epic sunset views over town & the mesa.

Where to eat:

If you’re like me, you like Thai food. My general gauge of the quality of a Thai restaurant is their Massaman Curry, and the curry at Singha Thai did not disappoint.

Coffee Shops:

Love Muffin - This place boasts the best fancy coffee for miles, amazing breakfast sandwiches and a cozy, neighborhood environment. The place is always pretty busy, so don’t come here if you’re in a rush, but definitely hit them up in the mornings before a ride & get a muffin or two to pack for the day. They close at 1 pm, so get your fix early.

Moab Coffee Roasters - Decent coffee but my least favorite in town so far.

Moab Garage Co. - Excellent coffee & cryo-icecream if you’re into that sort of thing. Would prefer Love Muffin’s coffee, but this is where I get my after 1 pm fix (;

Bike Shops -

Double Down bike shop is a smaller shop that seems to specialize in rentals and shuttles. I definitely can recommend using them if you’re planning to ride the Whole Enchilada, or if looking for some recommendations on trail conditions or places to ride.

Chile Pepper bike shop has an awesome clothing selection, really up-to-date rental fleet and their staff is very welcoming, amiable and willing to help. I had a blast looking around their shop & was pleased to find out that they are conveniently located next to the local brewery.