45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies

When looking to get into cold weather riding, the thing that I hear most often is that people get turned off because of how seemingly expensive everything is. As consumers, we have been taught to understand that price is relatively equivalent to quality, so the more you pay, the better product you receive. Unfortunately, all cold weather gear is not made equal, and for that reason, I have written this review.

The Cobrafist pogie from 45NRTH is perhaps my favorite and most essential piece of winter riding gear. My tubeless set up could fail, my drivetrain could fall apart, my bottom bracket bearings could bust, but my hands would be warm. And that thought alone, keeps me calm and collected in the coldest and gnarliest of conditions.


45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies

Featured on a 2016 Specialized Hellga Expert alongside a DirtBags HipHopper handlebar bag

The pogie is a three piece deal: the actual mit, the expanding/locking bar ends that hold the mit upright and in place and the pads that connect your handlebar to the pogie.

The mit is made from a PrimaLoft® Eco Gold Insulation system that does an excellent job of protecting your skin from moisture, wind and frost. My preference has always been glove-less riding, and the Cobrafist makes that possible in temperatures above 10 degrees. Below 10 degrees, a pair of wool gloves paired with these pogies usually does the trick to keep my hands warm. In a sport like Fatbiking, where gear is quintessential to having a good time, minimalism is a rare luxury. The Cobrafist makes that a possibility.

In my cycling experience, there are very few products that can majorly affect the way you ride. Let alone how often. The Cobrafist is in a class of its own of incredibly high quality, dependable and essential riding gear for the cyclists who can’t suffer through Winter indoors. My recommendation to those riders: Get a pair of Cobrafists and get back outside!