45NRTH Naughtvind Pant

I was skeptical at first. Very skeptical.

A unisex pant? Doubt it. You mean a men’s pant that’s labeled as unisex, right? So far I’ve been happy with 45NRTH’s products, and I saw that 45NRTH’s team of badass women was wearing them, so I decided to take a chance on the Naughtvind.

I looked at 45NRTH’s sizing chart and found my size. When they arrived, I looked at them with trepidation.

I imagined the worst. A baggy crotch, a too-low waistband, too-tight of thighs.

A unisex pant?!

I nervously picked them up and slipped them on.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m not sure how these fit men’s bodies because this pant seems like it’s designed for women. The waist hits high, just below the belly button. No muffin top, no problem. No chance of crack, no fear. Zero snow is getting in through that end, no matter how hard you wreck.

The pant then flairs out around the hips instead of getting skinner, like most men’s pants. I’ve got pretty narrow hips, but there is plenty of room for more “hip” if I had it.

I’m short--5’4--and the hem of the pant rests perfectly on the top of my winter boot. Nice. Usually, pants are way too long for me.

These pants are a baggy, relaxed fit. If you’re looking for a skin tight shell these aren’t for you.

03 (1).jpg

According to their site, the pant is made with Schoeller® softshell material. I have no idea what that is, but the fabric was weather resistant. I’ve ridden with these pants in slush and freezing rain and on every occasion my baselayer stayed dry. It’s wind resistant, but the thigh vents make it breathable.

This pant is heavier than a rain pant and significantly lighter than a snowpant. Without a baselayer, it is comfortable in 20-30 degrees F. With a thin baselayer these are comfortable down to 10 degrees F. I haven’t had the opportunity to test them in sub zero weather (yet), but I’m guessing with the right baselayer they’ll be up to the task. I’ll get back to you when I find out.

No Crack, No Fear

No Crack, No Fear

I like 45NRTH because they produce gear with actual cyclists in mind. For example, these pants have traditional pockets as well as pockets on your butt, so you can keep your electronics and/or food warm on long rides. The pocket faces outward so you can zip and unzip without getting out of the saddle. Thigh vents are a must for any cold weather cycling pant, and these are designed with reflective fabric on the vent. It’s a nice touch for those of us who prefer to be “murdered out” instead of canary yellow.

Overall, I’m really happy with this pant. Because of the brand (and the price point) I was expecting a pant that was tough, weather resistant, and comfortable. The Naughtvind delivered. My hopes weren’t high for a unisex pant, but I actually ended up loving the fit.