AlpineStars Descender 2 Jacket


AlpineStars is most popularly known for their kickass and highly innovative motocross gear, which gets heavy-duty publicity due to their sponsored world-class athletes who just so happen to be the biggest names in their sport. What we here at ShredWorthy have been pleasantly surprised to learn, is that they are transitioning heavily into the MTB world. And WOW, are we glad that they are! Because of their background in motocross, the company makes incredibly durable and supportive clothes. Their standard for acceptable gear is incredibly high, and that’s something that we can definitely get on board with. While they began distribution of cycling gear in 2010, until recently, their main focus has remained motocross. Needless to say, we were psyched to give their newest line of MTB gear a try.

The first piece of gear that I have tested from AlpineStars is a wind breaking and water resistant jacket, the Descender 2. Initially, I was bummed that there wasn’t a women’s specific Descender 2 jacket available, but when I put it on, all of my worries melted away. The jacket was designed for riding position, so the back and armpit areas are designed a little bit more loose. This feature - the riding position fit - tends to get overlooked more often than not, in my opinion, so this was a huge initial win.

Seated position verses riding position

Seated position verses riding position


The material is ultra durable and has withstood multiple crashes (even in the decomposed granite where I live). Despite how lightweight and compactable the jacket is, it almost feels insulated, providing both a cold barrier and a vapor barrier in the shoulder season, which is HUGE. This jacket serves as two jackets in one!

There’s a rear zipper pocket big enough to fit a cell phone, a pair of gloves, nutrition, cash and credit cards, and essentially anything you would need on a longer ride. There is not enough room to fit a water bottle in this jacket pocket, however.

I enjoy the minimalist design from AlpineStars, especially considering that most of their gear comes in bright flashy colors. The fact that this jacket is available both in black and highlighter yellow is a major win for both MTB junkies and gravel addicts.

The Descender 2 jacket has turned into an essential piece of riding gear for me during this weird shoulder season weather. At a sub $100 price point, I think this jacket comes at a great value for the quality of product and the amount of use you will likely get out of it over the span of the products lifetime. So, if you’re an all-weather warrior and looking for the right durable, multipurpose gear to get you through, go ahead and put the AlpineStars Descender 2 through the gauntlet! It’s sure to stand up to the challenge.