DirtBags Burrito Hauler

If you’re an overstuffer (like me), DirtBag’s Burrito Hauler might just be your bag. Inspired by overstuffed burritos, this bag was made to be full.  

Most top tube bags are small and semi rigid. While those bags certainly look sharp, their fixed shape makes them inflexible, and in my opinion, an inflexible top tube bag is a useless one. That’s because inflexibility turns into wasted space unless you magically fill it with items that just so happen to be the exact shape and size of the bag.

Unlike most top tube bags, the Burrito is a bottomless pit. I can always fit one more thing in it, whether it’s another candy bar, my cell phone, or a map.


DirtBags uses recycled tubes to line the contact point with your top tube. I leave mine on year round, and there is only a slight, insignificant distress on my finicky, matt black paint (which is to be expected if you leave any bag on year-round).

The Burrito also has an opening on the very top point of the bag for electronics. I love this feature, and use it to feed the cord of my headphones through as well as the cord from my battery pack that attaches to my handlebar light.

Overall, the Burrito is an intentionally designed, fully thought out product that delivers. If you’re looking for a bag that can always fit one more thing, I recommend the Burrito by DirtBags.