Good Guy Tubeless Valve Pair

Brand new purple 44 mm Good Guy Tubeless valves

Brand new purple 44 mm Good Guy Tubeless valves

My gravel bike with a 34 mm pink Good Guy Valve Stem and Quarq TyreWiz installed

My gravel bike with a 34 mm pink Good Guy Valve Stem and Quarq TyreWiz installed

When it comes to increasing ride quality, few things if any beat the cost efficiency and practicality of a tubeless upgrade on your bike.

For those of you who know about the benefits of tubeless but haven’t converted yet…. why? And for those of you who are just now learning about it: tubeless is when, instead of using a tube inside your tire for float & air pressure, a tubeless ready rim is used that can compose an air tight seal using rim tape & tubeless tire sealant. This composes a system that forms a seal, while containing liquid sealant inside the tire. Using this method, if the tire gets punctured on trail, you simply keep rolling & allow the liquid sealant to fill in the puncture & re-seal. This keeps you riding rather than off of your bike & changing out a tube on the side of trail. Painless & pretty damn dependable. It’s one of my favorite things about riding bikes in the 21st century!

A tubeless set up can completely change the way you ride your bike: more risk taking, since the fear of pinch flats melts away using this method of float.

With tubeless tires, you can run lower tire pressure safely & thus have better traction. This is a big deal when fatbiking, since tire pressure changes on snow drastically change your ride quality and float factor.

It is also said that tubeless can make a ride more efficient because there is less energy spent in the heat exchange (friction) between the tube & tire while at speed.

The formula for a dependable tubeless set up includes: Tubeless ready rims, rim tape, tire sealant and tubeless valves.

When I first set up a tubeless system on my gravel bike, I installed Orange Seal valves. Initially, the seal had set up perfectly, but after riding the bike a few times, I noticed that I would have lost a significant amount of air by the time my ride was over. Something was wrong.

What I ended up finding out was that every time I would attach a pump to air up my tires, the movement of attaching the nozzle of the pump to my valve would break my tubeless seal. Air would leak out between the valve and rim until my ride started. With the wheel rotating, the sealant would work it’s magic and fill in the hole where air was leaking out at the valve. But until I figured this out, I was losing a lot of air.

Switching to the Good Guy Valve Pair has completely eradicated this problem for me. The conical shape of the rubber seal sits deep into the rim and allows for a perfect seal on a wide variety of rims. I like these valves so much that shortly after switching to Good Guy Valves on my gravel bike, I made the switch on my other two bikes as well. I love the color pops and the reliable seal that they provide on my shred sleds.

The Valve Pairs come in two different sizes: 34 mm or 44 mm. I recommend the longer valve stems for pretty much all applications. A shorter 34 mm valve might work for a mountain or a fatbike rim, but for deep dish rims like gravel or road, you’ll definitely want to go with the 44 mm option.

Mistakenly, I had originally purchased the 34mm valves for my deep rimmed gravel bike, which ended up being too short. To resolve the issue of not being able to fit an air pump nozzle onto my valves, I installed the Quarq TyreWiz onto my Good Guy valve stems to make the most expensive valve extenders known to man (with the added advantage of having a digital tire pressure gauge now installed on my bike).

Colorado based, Good Guy Tubeless, makes a product that I think we can all believe in: getting rad on essentially flat-proof tires & being kind to our environment. At $22, it’s a no-brainer way to upgrade your bike and add a little flair while you’re at it. If you decide to make the switch, consider using the mineral particulate based Good Guy Tubeless Tire Sealant to be environmentally conscious & kind to your bike.

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My fatbike with a gold 44 mm Good Guy valve stem

My fatbike with a gold 44 mm Good Guy valve stem