Gore Bike WEAR Women's Power Lady Windstopper Gloves

Gore Bike Wear fatbiking gloves

I usually ride with a pair of Gore Windstopper gloves underneath my pogies on days below 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C). What I like about these gloves is that they are fleece-lined, making them much warmer than traditional riding gloves. However, they are thin enough to avoid pain caused from shifting and breaking with a bulky glove.

Because they are a female-specific glove, they fit snugly where unisex gloves tend to fit more loosely.

I haven’t tried these on a fat ride longer than 5 hours. At that point I recommend pairing a thinner glove with some handwarmers stashed in the base of your pogie (which I always recommend, anyway!).  That way you won’t experience any discomfort from wearing a thicker glove.

These gloves are also great for riding without pogies in the shoulder seasons in weather from 40-50 degrees F (10-4.4 degrees C).

Because these are lighter gloves, they are designed to absorb some moisture. When a piece of gear is made “breathable” it isn’t generally waterproofed—and the Gore Windstopper is no exception. If you expect it to rain, wear some thicker gloves or stash some handwarmers for the ride. These gloves lose all their warmth when wet.

These gloves run small. I have tiny hands and needed a medium.

Overall, I think these are a great pair of gloves to pair with a set of pogies on ultra cold rides (10 degrees F) or cool fall rides without pogies (45 degrees F).