Ibex Woolies 3 Hoody

Ibex has been discontinued.

Don’t let the price tag scare you away from this fantastic base layer by Ibex. The Ibex Woolies 3 Hoody is my all-time, best loved base layer. I hardly ever take it off. It’s an expedition weight (meaning lightweight) Merino wool blend. It’s soft, wool inner layer wicks away moisture while keeping you warm (the way wool should) while it’s blended outer layer ever-so-slightly keeps moisture out. This combo makes for the single best fatbiking layer I’ve ever owned.

On 40 degree F (4.4 degrees C) days I’ll often wear it as my only top layer. On 30 degrees F (-1 degree Celsius) snowy fat rides I’ll often start with a puffy over it, but find that if I’m working up a sweat it’s usually the only top layer I need. For ultra cold days I pair it with my 686 Specialized 3L Tech Jacket.

This layer has really stood the test of time. I purchased it last year and wear it almost daily in the winter. I don’t think a single stitch has come out. Actually, I’m wearing it while writing this review. I plan to wear this thing until it’s bare threads, and then suck it up and purchase another.