Louis Garneau Women's Cycling Underwear

Upon spotting these in Over the Edge cycling in Hurricane, Utah, I became unreasonably excited. ‘Cycling underwear,’ I thought, ‘How brilliant! Now I can wear any pants I damn-well choose to cycle in!’

Upon buying these shorts and wearing them, however, the sparkle has left my eye and I have been brought back to the reality of riding in cycling specific clothes only. Here’s why:

The Slim Flex chamois’ presence is hardly noticeable. My first ride in these was a longer gravel ride and BOY was that a mistake. My ass hurt after 3 miles. That never happens. The pad is marketed as “high density,” but I really don’t believe that to be true. If I had to guess, I’d say the pad is 5 mm thick. Maybe good for a pair of bar hopping underwear, but not for any serious riding.

I also got saddle sores from riding in these; The first and only time that I’ve ever gotten saddle sores. The seam on the back of the buttocks fall at an incredibly uncomfortable place and ended up rubbing right into the saddle. This was something that I was reminded of with every pedal stroke.

The material seems low grade. I expect underwear to be soft and ultra flexible, and the material used in these shorts is neither.

Bottom line: pretty much any other pair of chamois would be better and more effective than these. I have officially converted my pair into non-riding period underwear, for which they work great.