Louis Garneau Women's Solano 2

I was so excited when my first pair of thermal, padded riding tights came in the mail. Better yet, they were Louis Garneau (I heard they make great gear), and I bought them for a steal. I rushed to the bathroom and threw them on as fast as I could.

Oh, the warmth on my calves! The stretch! The fleece lining! The comfort! The luxury!

I pulled them up past my thighs. “A perfect fit! These guys know what they’re doing…” and over my hips, and…


Louis Garneau Women's Solano 2 Gear Review

It was as if someone had stuffed an extra large chamois into my extra small tights. The pad bulged out the front of the tights like a little package and popped out the rear like a soggy diaper. The massive chamois ricocheted back and forth between my thighs like a cumbersome period pad. I pulled the tights as far as I could past my hips to try to work out the baggy butt situation, but the massive chamois pulled the top seam down to the hem of my undies.

“Ahhh!” My disappointed face in the mirror looked back at me in surprise, jaw slacked and eyes wide.

“Okay, they aren’t the most attractive,” I thought. “But, they’re Louis Garneau! I bet they’ll be great for the trail!” I hiked them up to my belly button and waddled out to the garage and loaded up my bike. I shot away from my car and onto the trail, feeling liberated in the cold with my new thermal tights…

...until I started to climb. With each pedal stroke they fell further and further down past my butt, until I was mooning the tree tops.

“Never again, never again.”

This was one of the most disappointing clothing purchases of my life. I’m not even being dramatic. This pair of tights has forever scared me away from Louis Garneau. For my next pair, I’ll be looking somewhere else.