Revelate Designs Handlebar Harness

A handlebar harness is a great way to maximize your whip’s carrying capacity while out bikepacking. If you aren’t equipped with mounting brackets for an Alternator Rack or you need to use every square inch on your bike to haul your gear, a handlebar harness can carry your light, bulky items.

Handlebar roll bag

Revelate’s Handlebar Harness is essentially a way to carry a dry bag or stuff sack filled with items that won’t weight down your bars. Usually, people will use this space for their sleep system.

The arms of the harness keep the dry bag from bumping and rubbing against your shifters, brake levers, and cable housing. These arms are soft enough to attach to carbon bars but durable enough for the back country. They also offer a little flex should you take a digger.

handlebar roll bag
revelate design handlebar roll bag
revelate design handlebar harness

Revelate describes the mount as “semi-rigid.” It is designed to work with Revelate’s Sweetroll dry bag. This dry bag is long and skinny, keeping the bag far away from your front tire. The Sweetroll is a great option for summer.


For winter, I like my Sea to Summit dry bags because they easily fit between my pogies. When I’m fatbiking on snowmobile trails, I’m not concerned about hitting a drop or gnarly trail and having my dry bag hit my front tire. Instead, I’m concerned with ease of use, fit, and simplicity. I don’t want to have to fight my pogies to open the bag.

The harness is really easy to attach to your bars. Simply hold the arms in place at whatever angle relative to your bars you desire. A lower angle (with the bag closer to your front tire) will give you better visibility over the dry bag. A higher angle (with the bag farther away from your front tire) will keep big loads from rubbing on your cables and tire. Then, simply fasten the straps around your bar and tighten. Finally, attach the strap on the back of the harness to your fork.

Attaching whatever dry bag you choose to the harness is straightforward, as well. Stuff your dry bag full with your sleep system (Or anything under 15 lbs.).  Slip it through the red front strap. This strap is longer than the other two—cinch this strap down first. Doing so will make it easier to get the other two straps securely fastened around the bag.


Initially, I thought about making my own harness system. How hard could it be, anyway? I’m glad I went with Revelate’s harness instead. Overall, I am really happy with this harness. The first time I used it was in the winter, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it easy to get my dry bag in and out of and easy to adjust on trail while wearing thin gloves. Although, it is a bit of a struggle to mess with while wearing thick winter gloves (which is surprising since Revelate is out of Alaska) and I wish they had used bigger buckles on the front 3 straps.