Specialized 3L Tech Jacket

Backcountry clothing, meet fatbiking. It’s been a long time coming for cycling and winter backcountry to meet, and now that they have, cyclists expect their clothing to do a lot. It has to be weatherproof, but breathable--durable, but comfortable enough to ride in. It has to be a piece of gear that you can take out for an hour ride, or a multi-day fatpacking trip.

Specialized 3L Tech Jacket Gear Review

The Specialized 3L Tech Jacket is, so far, my favorite cold weather cycling jacket. It’s way too warm to wear on the majority of fat rides, but when it dips down below 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C) or you’re paced to ride slowly, this is a great jacket.  

At first, it felt a little stiff, especially since I switched over from a puffy. However, after owning this jacket for a year it has really softened up--I hardly notice a difference anymore. What I do notice is that this jacket, unlike a puffy, can get wet. While it’s not waterproof, it is snow proof and water resistant. It also does a much better job at keeping me warm when I start to sweat, which was the main reason I’ve started to steer away from puffies (although, puffies are still an important staple for bikepacking!).


Specialized 3L Tech Jacket

Light weight, weatherproof, stylish, and ShredWorthy.

Apparently Specialized got together with 686 to make the Tech Jacket, which makes sense because it has a lot of features of downhill skiing and snowboarding jackets, such as thumbholes in the sleeves and a snowskirt at the waist. I rarely use the snowskirt, but it easily unsnaps and has never bothered me before. However, the fit is clearly made for cyclists, as it is a really short jacket and fits comfortably when you’re in the saddle. It also features a pit zip for a quick cool, which I consider an absolute must-have on any cold-weather cycling jacket.

The zippers are quality construction and are also water resistant.

If I’m going to spend $150 bucks on a jacket, it damn well not only work, but look good, too! The Specialized 3L Tech Jacket fits the bill.

ShredWorthy, approved