We started riding mountain bikes within months of one another, in the spring of 2017. Pictures of us together are dated from around the same time, however we can’t agree on whether we met at the local bike shop or the wine bar, where we hotly debated when and if humans would become multi-planetary. What we do know, with certainty and sincerity,  is that friendship can be as instant as oatmeal. From group rides to post ride beers and everything in between—it was game on for these two shredders. We have become one another’s most enthusiastic encourager, favorite riding partner and biggest competition. We ride together, we race together, and best of all, we dream big together.


MTB, mountain biking, lady shredder, shredworthy, specialized bicycles, racing, riding, cycling

2018 Specialized FatBoy

Big Mama might be my favorite whip. She’s outfitted with an Eagle drivetrain, a carbon fiber body, and burly studded tires. She’s murdered out in all black, and when we get out into the backwoods we’re completely hidden from the rest of the world.


2017 Specialized Camber

I call her Muffy. The Camber, now discontinued, was designed to be the XC sister to the StumpJumper. With a less aggressive head angle and slack, she’s a real climber. She’s poppy, too, and agile. While she can get beat down on gnarly terrain, she shines on her rolly, flowy home turf.

MTB, mountain biking, lady shredder, shredworthy, specialized bicycles, racing, riding, cycling

2018 FatBack Corvus FLT

The Corvus FLT is a snow expedition bike, built to handle the gnarliest of conditions in the backcountry of Alaska. While I will likely never put her to the test in the conditions she was made for, the Corvus remains the most nimble, easy-to-handle fatbike I’ve ever ridden. I’ve decked this bike out to be race-shreddy machine. I call her ‘Stardust.’


2016 Specialized Diverge

‘Messenger’ is my commuter bike / gravel shredding machine! I bought this bike used, and have slowly been upgrading the components since I bought it. The more personalized she becomes, the more I want to ride her. I feel like a powerhouse in the saddle of the Diverge.


2019 Specialized StumpJumper ST

This is my dream bike! ‘Maven’ is a true trail bike with 130 mm of travel in the front and 120 in the rear. She’s racey enough for XC, but playful enough to slay the downhills. I feel like one of the Jaegers from Pacific Rim when I get into the saddle of this bike: ready for full-on battle with the dirt!

Meet The Photographers

Below are the women and men behind the lens of our site


My name is Laura Heisinger, I've been living and capturing moments in the Black Hills for a little over seven years. I fall under the category of being avid outdoorswoman with a hefty list of hobbies. Hiking, backpacking, cycling, caving, rock climbing, photography and the list rolls on, and on. 

What aspect of photography inspires you or makes you excited to go shoot?

The aspect of taking on something I've never done before gets me both scared and excited to pick up the camera. That's how I felt when I started out with documenting bike races and other events this past summer. Now, I want to further my experience with photographing the bike community. It's really fun to work with the biker and the scale of the environment they are riding in.

What kind of shoots do you actively seek out?

Over the summer I had my heart set on finding local mountain bikers to work on action shots with. Other than that, I seek out the landscape, nature, and creative portraiture.

Find Laura on Instagram or hire her through Facebook.


Les Heiserman is a photographer and artist living in the Black Hills. He creates original artwork every year for the Dakota Five-0 race, and next year will be his 19th piece. His vast repertoire of photography includes racing and nature photography, but we’ll let it speak for itself.

You can find more of Les’s work on Facebook.


Randy Ericksen is a professional photographer and avid adventurist. He’s taken photos around the globe, and we’ve seen him out photographing races from below 0 degrees to 100 degrees. We’re not sure if there are conditions he and ChileDog won’t shoot in.


You can follow Randy on Instagram and Facebook